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Our Construction team at Colonial Construction will build your Construction Project to ensure reliability, efficiency, and success.

Palomar Growers

  • Location: San Diego, CA

  • Installed additional generators to power 40,000 sq. ft. grow facility

  • Including grading and conduit installation connection under the existing road

Captek Pharma

  • Location: La Mirada, Ca

  • Complete retrofit of Greenfield 50,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse including Los Angeles permitting and inspections

  • All general construction and C Trades.

  • Installed 6400 AMP electrical upgrade with Edison

  • FDA, cGMP, OSHA certified and regulated constructed facility

  • The final product was a permitted pharmaceutical facility that created softgels

Solar Installs

  • Licensed Contractor

  • Various installations throughout San Diego and Los Angeles County

  • Installed multiple Roof Mounted Solar Installations as well as Ground Mounted Systems

  • Including electrical connection, PTO connection, and coordination with the city 

  • System installations included panel upgrades when needed, conduit connection from panel to the inverter, drawing creation, and city submittal and permitting.

Kedrion Biopharma

  • Location: Long Island, NY

  • Installation of critical validation equipment on the utilities and the validation side of the process production

  • Commissioned the Building utilities up to the POC of the critical equipment.

  • Validated critical equipment after installation, equipment included CIP Skids, Autoclave Installations, Manufacturing processing lines, and Fractionization Mixers

  • FDA and cGMP installation

Gilead Sciences

  • Location: Oceanside, CA

  • Installation of critical validation equipment for process production

  • Testing of critical equipment after installation, with equipment including CIP Skids, Autoclave Installations, Manufacturing processing lines, Fractionization Mixers, and Depyrogenation Oven

  • FDA and cGMP regulated

  • Construction of electrical process and thermodynamics

LAUSD School Projects

  • Expansion and build out of classrooms and gymnasium 

  • Tied into the existing HVAC Central Plan

Pacific Rim Mechanical

  • Location: San Diego 

  • Construction Administration and supervision of Duct Works installs throughout the San Diego Region 

Nack and Associates

  • Location: San Diego 

  • Construction of multiple installs of mechanical HVAC units for the San Diego school districts under AIA regulation, dealing with the San Diego County Plan Check

Fluor Corporation

  • Location: Aliso Viejo, Ca

  • Installation of mechanical venting ducts for 1500 megawatt turbine generators throughout the greater nation

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